A New Kid on the Block

Harper KidsThere’s a new kid on the block. Last month, we officially launched our youngest imprint: Harper Kids. Following a soft launch with retail at our annual sales conference in September, we launched the imprint publicly at Bookaroo last month with three well-attended events. The Harper Kids blog is now live here: harperkids.in.

Harper Kids is steered by the Harper Blob, a spunky androgynous creature born out of the HarperCollins colours. Blob is prim and proper with a bow on its head, but also hip and happening with a grin on its face. Harper Kids will include activity books, picture books, graded readers with colour-coded levels and beautifully designed, thoughtfully conceptualized beginner books that will be both challenging and exciting. Simultaneously, we’re also actively widening the scope of Harper, our imprint of young adult and crossover books for anyone who loves a good story.

From October to December, we published eight colourful and gorgeously designed activity books for children based on India’s first superhero: the iconic Kid Krrish character. In February, we’ll publish picture story books based on the Kid Krrish movies. It’s an extraordinary series that breaks many stereotypes and celebrates the Indian childhood.

For young adults, we started with Manan, a coming-of-age tale about growing up in India in the 1990s. Written by Mohit Parikh, who echoes the sort of earnest, warm-hearted humour and wisdom that made Sue Townsend and Jeff Kinney the legends they are today, Manan has received glowing reviews from Mint, The Sunday Guardian, The Hindustan Times, The Asian Review of Books, The Indian Express and several others.

The PetPost Secret by Radhika Dhariwal is one of the finest works of fantasy that you will ever read, a sure-fire classic that is bound to be cherished for generations. The book will be published next year in the USA by Simon & Schuster and is on its way to being an international success as well. Much like Watership Down and the Harry Potter series, The PetPost Secret turns that classic theme of good versus evil into a mind-boggling, page-turning adventure.

Coming soon this month is How to Stop Your Grownup from Making Bad Decisions by Judy Balan, the first book in the funny, irreverent and brilliant Nina the Philosopher series for middle-grade readers and young adults. It is a brilliant, witty, thought-provoking series that tells the story of a modern-day fairy tale: a single mother and her two wonderful, hilariously angst-ridden daughters. It’s The Princess Diaries for a new generation. Except, you know, without a princess. Or a diary.

In January, we will publish The Pterodactyl’s Egg by Annie Besant, a chapter book for children who have just graduated from illustrated stories. Annie is a widely published writer of children’s fiction with an extraordinary eye that sees beyond what the adult brain is trained to see. The Pterodactyl’s Egg is a marvellous adventure story about a young boy who finds a pterodactyl’s egg and goes on the adventure of a lifetime.

Our future list includes some stunning work across genres. From fantasy to adventure, from superheroes to overthinking tweens, from kids growing up to grownups kidding around … the children’s and young adult lists from HarperCollins covers a whole range that has one thing in common: a determined notion that our youngest readers are really our coolest readers.

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