Staff Picks: The Best of Books, Movies & TV

Staff Picks: The Best of Books, Movies & TV

‘The recently released The Case of the Beasts, which is a part of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie book series, is a treat for any collector of special editions and I am now own one. The book is gorgeously produced and comes with lots of photographs from the film and behind-the-scene stories. It talks about the cast and crew, and also includes some inserts of the same paper ephemera used in the movie. Overall a well-crafted book and as magical as the movie!’ – Barani Kannan, Marketing Manager


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Westworld, this show is superb! It’s about robots made of human skin who run on loops to perform specific roles. The loops are breaking and the important question is—how do we decide who is more human? What is humanity? Can an intelligent robot be considered an equivalent? This show is a must watch.’ – Subhashree Das, Digital Marketing Manager

‘Binge watching the third season of Younger, a romantic comedy TV series set in a publishing house in New York. This is a show I connect with like no other. The story of a forty-year-old woman who pretends to be twenty-six to get a job as a marketing assistant, it offers a humourous take on the changing world of book publishing, the role of millennials in the new corporate space and the ageist society we live in.’ – Debasri Rakshit, Commissioning Editor


‘As of now I’m reading a collection of short stories by Ruskin Bond and am totally in awe of his writing. The past few days, I had been suffering from a ‘vacation deficiency syndrome’ and that’s when I picked this book; trust me it’s the closest I can get to the hills. One of my favourite is The Night Train at Deoli, it perfectly describes the feeling of first love  a college student feels for a young girl selling baskets at the Deoli station … one of the  sweetest college love stories.’ – Smriti Shukla, Senior Marketing Executive

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