10 Tweets That Prove Rishi Kapoor Is The King of Sass

Rishi Kapoor’s Twitter bio reads: ‘Son of a famous Father-Father of a famous Son. I am the hyphen in between them.’ It is not just his bio that’s refreshingly different, his tweets too are a little hatke. He has strong opinions and he definitely does not shy away from airing them khullam khulla, much like his bestselling autobiography.

Here are some of the wittiest tweets from the man himself:

  1. When he threw shade at his own outfit choices back in the day…

2. When he was kind enough to find Vijay Mallya and helped the Indian banks and government…

3. When he was worried about his friend Arnab Goswami’s health.

4. He gets distraught over relevant news much like all of us common folk.

5. When he told you he wasn’t Ranbir Kapoor’s mailbox but was sweet enough to deliver your messages for a full 24 hours!

6. His jokes on current events are always on point. Could we get some ice for the burnt areas?

7. Rishi Kapoor and his phone know what’s the real deal with marriage.  

8. When he tried to inject some commonsense after the whole Taimur episode.

9. Seems like demonetization hit him hard as well.

10.  He could consider an alternate career in writing sassy captions for pictures such as these. 

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