Staff Picks: The Best of Books, Film & TV

‘Living the Dream: The Life of the ‘Bollywood’ Actor by New York-based actor-photographer Mark Bennington (who also played Deputy Commissioner Wilkie in Dibakar Banerjee’s Detective Byomkesh Bakshy) is a coffee table book every movie buff must have. It shows a range of actors—from strugglers to A-list celebs—behind the scenes, doing everyday things as they go about living their Bollywood dream. Featuring a foreword by Karan Johar, an afterword by Yashraj Films’ casting director Shanoo Sharma and interviews with stars such as Salman Khan, Dharmendra, Ranveer Singh and many more, it will give you a glimpse into Bollywood like never before.’—Siddhesh Inamdar, Commissioning Editor

The book will be released on 8 March 2017 in Mumbai by Karan Johar and Miss Malini.

‘I recently bingewatched the Lizzie Borden Chronicles on Netflix and I strongly recommend it to all who have a penchant for gory thrillers. The pace is superb, and the serialization is on the mark, taking the mystery and myth of the legendary Lizzie Borden, the axe killer from America, to a certain ferocious and frightening magnitude, all the while imbuing her character with enough pathos and rage which seems, in certain instances, as not being unfounded. Christina Ricci is a delight to watch and the story unfolds in media res but carries onto an unpredictable anti-climax which leaves one wanting for more.’ – Shabnam Srivastava, Senior Marketing Manager

‘Clever, funny, creative and filled with action, The Lego Batman Movie is full of a child-like energy. It celebrates Batman and the Joker’s relationship probably in its truest sense. It is witty, self-aware and self-deprecating, ensuring you never take another Batman movie seriously again. A true delight to watch!’—Rea Mukherjee, Assistant Editor



‘If you enjoy dark humour, I recommend you check out the first season of Divorce, which marks the return of Sarah Jessica Parker to television after Sex and the City. Her character, Frances, is believable, relentless and flawed, but that doesn’t stop you from rooting for her. Despite Parker’s fabulous screen presence, it’s Thomas Haden Church’s performance as Robert (cast as her husband) who makes the show so watchable. He’s nasty, bitter and his dialogues are dripping with sarcasm. If you like black comedies about dysfunctional families, Divorce is right up your alley.’—Arcopol Chaudhuri, Associate Editor & Rights Manager




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