Dad Loves Reading? Here are Some Books You Could Gift Him on Father’s Day

newsletter 12

One of the biggest names in the sports industry, Nike founder Phil Knight shares his story of ambition, passion and struggle and what it took to transform fifty dollars into $30 billion. As a young man out of business school he had one mission: importing high-quality, low cost running shoes from Japan. And despite all the setbacks and ruthless competitors, he made it, succeeding on his very own unconventional path. In this candid memoir, the man himself re-visits his iconic, game-changing story of success.

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newsletter 4 

In 1978, the New York Times proclaimed, ‘A Harvard Business School degree is the golden passport to life in the upper class.’ While giving the readers an insight into the HBS, The Golden Passport, questions the possibility of this so-called success amounting to an enormous failure in terms of meeting the true goal of its founders: ‘The multiplication of men who will handle their current business problems in socially constructive ways.’

It is believed that, while HBS produces highly qualified, quality individuals, their actions don’t necessarily represent general good for society.

Bestselling author and financial journalist Duff McDonald, explores the inner working and dynamics of the most indestructible and powerful force of the times.

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newsletter 16

Thinking, Fast and Slow takes the readers on an extraordinary journey within their own minds and explains the mechanisms affecting thinking and decision-making. The book tackles multiple facets of thought, debating the importance of risks, effects of cognitive biases and the real components of happiness.

Psychologist and Economist Daniel Kahneman tells us how to use our cognitive systems to make the correct professional and personal choices!

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newsletter 7 

In his third book, one that debuted at number one in the New York time’s bestsellers list, Malcolm Gladwell tries to find out if success stories follow a pattern. Through extensive research, digging deep into the lives and journeys of successful men and women he presents to the world the ’10,000 hours rule’, claiming that in order to be successful at any skill an individual needs 10,000 hours of practice.

An easy to read, but at the same time highly informative book, Outliers is in a true sense, the story of success.

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newsletter 10

From Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Garrow comes the tale of Barack Obama’s life, prior to the White House years. A story of ambition, dreams, struggle and historical achievement; the journey of America’s forty-fourth president from difficult days in Honolulu and Jakarta, rough life on Chicago’s South Side, to Harvard Law School and after years of hard work Washington DC.  The most authentic and in depth account of Obama’s pre-presidential life!

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newsletter 5

Seven stories, revolving around the lives of men who find themselves alone. Haruki Murakami, with his wry humour, yet again spins an intricate web, this time with vanishing cats, smoky bars, lonely hearts, mysterious women, baseball and The Beatles.

Short stories that speak of loneliness and adventure, Men Without Women is another well crafted and exciting contemporary classic.

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newsletter 4

Mumbai is at the peak of a rapid transformation, from stinky slums to silvery skyscrapers, and real estate king Dharmen Shahhas has grand master plans for its future. In this scenario, when a principled, yet arrogant teacher refuses to sell his 1950s home, things get heated. Despite the heavy sum being offered by Shahhas, the man is determined to retain his sentimental attachment and his right to live in his own home!

‘As honest a book as it is entertaining!’ as said by The Times, Last Man in Tower is a remarkable second novel, giving us a satirical look at developing India!

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newsletter 14

Seventeen- year- old cartoonist Unni Chacko falls from a balcony, but no one knows whether it was really an ‘accident’. The story revolves around his anarchist father Ousep, a failed novelist; his mother Marriamma, who is secretly plotting to kill her husband; his younger brother Thoma, a twelve-year-old boy who is in love with an older girl; and their journey to find the truth behind Unni’s actions.

Set in Madras of 1990, The Illicit Happiness Of Other People is a smart and darkly comic tale of mystery, philosophy and unconventional love.

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newsletter 2

When Asfandyar Ikram learns of his father’s death, he is taken aback, more shocked by the fact that he was unware of his existence in the first place! While performing the last rites in Karachi, he is introduced to three of his father’s friends, old men who claim that Asfandyar must fulfil his father’s last wishes. In a quest to find the truth, the boy embarls on an extraordinary adventure. Daddy’s Boy is a riveting tale of desire, deception and hypocrisy.

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In a very Sherlock Holmes style, Maharaja Sikander Singh, the sole ruler of Rajpore seeks to uncover the mystery behind the murder of William Russel, the English Resident of Rajpore.

His passion for mystery, above his love for luxury and women, drives him to overcome obstacles, deliberate logic and crack riveting puzzles to work through a surplus of suspects and motives before the British shut him down. He must know the truth, after all he is Light of Heaven, Sword of Justice and Shield of the Faithful!

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newsletter 15

Written by Benjamin Graham, one of the greatest investment advisers of the twentieth century, this book teaches potential investors strategies to achieve long term goals and prevent them from making errors.

Graham’s techniques have been used for years in the investment market. However, this edition of the book highlights his essential concepts in context to modern day financial situations. It offers insightful plans, and principles that are likely to change an investor’s approach and even career completely.

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newsletter 11

The Mughal ruler Aurgangzeb, was branded as the tyrant who destroyed his family, for centuries by millions of people. In the most popular of N.S. Inamdar’s sixteen successful historical novels, the reader gets an opportunity to discover the hidden life of the rather complex and much conflicted man.

The series of events, beginning with rebel against his father to sit on the Peacock throne in a real tale of politics, trust, betrayal and empires, throws light upon different aspects of his life, childhood and his reign. Trying to carry forward his predecessors cultures of succession, he becomes a tragic anti-hero of all times.

The best of Marathi Literature, this translation gives us the misunderstood Mughal in his entirety.

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kiran nagar

Originally published in Marathi, Kiran Nagarkar’s Seven Sixes are Forty Three is a landmark in post-Independence Indian literature. In a wry stream of consciousness format, the book follows the life of Kushank Parandare, a nihilistic writer living off the generosity of those around him. The list is endless; the ex-flame Aaroti who is now married, Mrs Reghla alias Kaku, the old daughter-beater Kathavte and Raghu. Caught up in his past, and the cruelty of the world Kunshank lives an uncertain life doing odd jobs and understanding what pain and unhappiness are all about!

Applauded by a number of authors, including Khushwant Singh, Nayantara Sahgal and Jerry Pinto, this book in undoubtedly one of the greatest novels of all time.

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newsletter 3

Anirudha Bhattacharjee and Balaji Vittal give readers a behind-the-scenes look into fifty of the most celebrated songs in the Indian industry. The trajectory of change, from Wazir Mohammed Khan’s words on Alam Ara to the classical tunes of the fifties and sixties, and the riveting beats of the eighties. Answers to all your unanswered Hindi film song questions; from finding out the origins of Kishore Kumar’s composing career, the use of dry ice in picturization to Tiffany’s London as an inspiration, the facts are endless!

A go-to book for a Hindi-song buff, this is a must-have account following the history of Indian film songs across eras!

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newsletter 8

Pathways to Greatness emphasizes on national character as an essential, right next to economic prosperity and military strength! India is progressing fast in its journey and it is only a matter of time when it will be termed as an economically developed nation.

APJ Abdul Kalam talks about how we as a country must prepare for this change. Through his countless experiences, travels and interactions, he emphasizes on strengthening of citizens and a better life. Right from our value system, formal education in schools to the Indian standards of living; everything and anything that will help us, as a country to withstand tough times!

Completed just a few months before his death, this book is a representation of his extraordinary vision for India and the world!

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(Compiled by Ananya Jain)

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