Indian Preview: Our Top New Releases from December

2017 has come to an end and we hope this year was as wonderful for our readers as it was for us. We’d like to end this year with a bang and some of our best books have released this month. Here are the top five releases, go get your copy of these today!

  1. From Command to Empathy


Get this book if you’re a millennial who cannot understand your boss and feels stifled by their sense of management, buy a copy if you’re a manager who cannot bridge the gap between a young team and your style of working. What does the millennial want from a job? Are you an empathetic boss? Is the responsibility to understand only the management’s? From Command to Empathy tackles all these questions and many more.

  1. Scene 75


Scene: 75 is a short, fascinating novel set in the Bombay film industry of the 1970s. It tells the story of Ali Amjad, who comes from Benares to make it as a scriptwriter, and experiences the absurd and tragic reality behind the film world’s glamour as he navigates through it with his strugglers. Superbly translated by Poonam Saxena, this lost classic from Rahi Masoom Raza is a novel that will delight and disturb in equal measure.


  1. Charlie Next Door


Mrs Anupama Arora, forty-two, struggles every day with the memory of her late husband even as she battles the two hormonal time-bombs that are her children. But it’s been two years and her nosey neighbours just don’t seem to understand that it’s time she moved on!

While her friends are desperately trying to hook her up with suitable men – and keep her from drowning her sorrows in cough syrup – Anupama can’t seem to kick her addiction to surfing a certain ‘adult friendship’ website … until Charlie moves in.

Her new neighbour is twenty-four, single, annoyingly effervescent and fiercely commitment-phobic. In other words: trouble. But Mrs Arora is only looking to satisfy her curiosity – after all, nothing could possibly happen between them. Or could it?

  1. A Closetful of Skeletons


Five men are on their way to a hill station, where Ramola, a fading movie star from yesteryear Bollywood, waits for them to make an announcement that will change their lives forever. Ramola withdrew from the public eye at the peak of her stardom, choosing a life of quiet anonymity over the glamour of the silver screen. Surrounded by retired couples spending their twilight years gardening and gossiping, Ramola’s life is idyllic.

Or at least it was, till the night of her birthday party, when she announces that her tell-all memoir will soon be published. The book, documenting her rise to fame, puts each of her ex-lover’s careers in jeopardy. As each man tries to save himself, Ramola is drawn back into the very web of lies and deception she’d left behind. And, by the time the party is over, retired army officer and amateur sleuth, Colonel Arjun Chatterjee, has found his first murder to solve.


  1. Dr Dhurandhar’s Fat-loss Diet



Dr Nikhil Dhurandhar is the man who transformed Aamir Khan’s fat Mahavir Singh Phogat into an incredibly fit on-screen wrestler in Dangal. He has over 35 years of experience, has treated over 10,000 patients and, in this book, he wants to reveal his failproof weight-loss secrets to you! Dr Dhurandhar busts diet myths with science, presents facts over fads, and gives us a plan designed specifically for Indians.



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