10 Tips To Become A Social Media Jedi

These days, almost everyone is on one social media platform or the other. And if you want to become a social media influencer, who better to give you tips than MissMalini, aka, Malini Agarwal? She’s a social media jedi with millions of followers across platforms. Her website draws four millions users from across the globe every day. So, it’s safe to say she’s mastered the art of getting people to like, heart, comment and subscribe to her content.

Here are 10 tips from her that will help you up your game:


1. Be yourself. No bot(y) does it better.

giphy (3).gif
2. ‎Interact & Engage. If you come to the party don’t be a wallflower. (Or a storm trooper.)

giphy (4).gif
3. ‎Hashtags are the crumbs you leave for Hansel & Gretel to find you. No hashtags no followers.

giphy (5).gif
4. ‎Don’t type anything you couldn’t say to someone’s face. (Don’t go to the dark side, Luke.)

giphy (7)
5. ‎Perfect your Instagram game. No dark and blurry photos. Use Snap & Instastory to do your midnight rants, not your feed. (There’s a reason Darth Vader isn’t on Instagram.)

giphy (12)

6. ‎Find your tribe. Who are your people? Follow, like and comment. They will do they same. (Don’t go all Hans ‘Solo’.)

giphy (13).gif
7. ‎Don’t be annoying. (Channel R2D2 not C3PO.) socializing is fine, spamming is not.

giphy (15).gif
8. ‎Stay ahead of the game. Use analytics tools to measure your success and define your social media strategy. (The force is strong with you young, Skywalker.)

giphy (17).gif
9. ‎Use each platform for its purpose. Twitter is a conversation, Facebook is a community, Instagram is an art gallery and stories are home movies. (A real Jedi can tell the difference.)

giphy (18).gif
10. ‎Don’t forget to have fun! Why else did we create social media… right, Mr Zuckerberg?

giphy (19).gif


‘Try? There is no try. You must do,’ so said Yoda.


Go ahead, try these tips and go get internet famous!

giphy (20).gif

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