HarperCollins – Books Over Coffee

We at HarperCollins India know that nothing goes better with a good book than a great cup of coffee.


BookOverCoffee_StickerWhich is why, starting March, some of our exciting new books will be available at places that serve a great cuppa.

These books will be available at cafes frequented by book lovers in Delhi and Bangalore, including Music and Mountains, Atta Galattta, Dialogues, The Bookafe, Sidewok and Cafe Wanderlust. You will soon be hearing about our books on their social platforms as well.


So do drop by, take that selfie and do let us know how you like the book.

We’re hoping to set up more such partnerships in the future so that the next time you step out to buy a cup of coffee, a HarperCollins book is within arm’s reach.


For any further inquiries, please contact:



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