HarperCollins India presents ‘Obsessed’ by Ruchi Kokcha



a tale of lust and murder


by Ruchi Kokcha

Recommended by Ravinder Singh


The most shocking novel youll ever read.

Disturbingly dark and full of shocking surprises, Obsessed traverses a path along the razors edge of twisted love. How far will Aviks and Anankis obsessions take them?

Investigative journalist Avik has finally found the one case that could bring him glory. Or death.

As the mystery behind millionaire Kalki Rajput’s murder thickens, Avik is forced to risk it all to bring out the truth that has eluded many before him.

If only he could uncover what the victim’s daughter had witnessed. Of course, that would mean diving into the depths of her madness. He had thought he could resurface with the truth. Now, he will count himself lucky if he makes it out alive. And sane.

Populated with characters that pose at the chasm that separates the real from the unreal, in prose that belongs to worlds not our own, Obsessed will snatch you from your comfort zone. None will ever guess the identity of the killer until the book chooses to reveal it.


Ruchi Kokcha is a writer and a poet who truly believes in her saying, ‘People come, people go, poetry stays.’ A lover of stories, she did her master’s in English literature from Delhi University. Currently working as a teacher, when not immersed in books or typing her heart out, she loves weight training at the gym or swaying to a Bollywood dance number. Obsessed is her first novel.


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PB | Fiction | 216 pp | Rs 199

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