THE LITERARY DEBUT OF THE YEAR | Latitudes of Longing by Shubhangi Swarup






HarperCollins India is proud to be publishing, this July, the most exciting new literary voice from the subcontinent – Shubhangi Swarup with her debut novel, Latitudes of Longing. Fans of Amitav Ghosh’s brilliant work will be drawn to its epic scope and its richly imagined, irresistible storytelling.

Shubhangi Swarup: ‘Writing this novel has taken my imagination deep into a place where the characters are the landscape, and the landscape a character as mercurial and wounded as any of us; faultlines exist as much in geology as within us all, and Latitudes of Longing explores these fissures.’

Beginning in the depths of the Andaman Sea, and circling through Burma and Nepal to end amidst the highest glaciers and passes of the Karakorams, the story sweeps through worlds and times that are inhabited by: a scientist who studies trees and a clairvoyant who talks to them; Lord Goodenough who travels around the furthest reaches of the Raj, giving names to nameless places; a geologist working towards ending futile wars over a glacier; octogenarian lovers; a superstitious dictator and a mother struggling to get her revolutionary son released; a yeti who seeks human companionship; a turtle who turns first into a boat and then a woman; and the ghost of an evaporated ocean as restless as the continents.

Binding them all together is a vision of life as vast as the universe itself.

Udayan Mitra, Publisher – Literary:Latitudes of Longing is a very ambitious and lyrical novel about the geography and history of the spaces we inhabit. I can think of very few books I’ve read that are as powerful. Shubhangi Swarup is an extraordinary talent and we’re thrilled to be publishing her.’

Coming July 2018

 Hardback | Price 599/- | Fiction

Shubhangi Swarup is a journalist and educationist by profession. She was awarded the Charles Pick Fellowship for Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia and has also won awards for gender sensitivity in feature writing. She lives in Mumbai.

 For more information, please contact
Aman Arora
Kehuchina Zeliang

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