Uncool: Fights. Camera. Action! by Jane De Suza Illustrated by Tasneem Amiruddin



HarperCollins Children’s Books

 is excited to announce the publication of

Uncool: Fights. Camera. Action!

by Jane De Suza

Illustrated by Tasneem Amiruddin

A terribly funny tackling of teen issues – dipping self-esteem, rollicking hormones, imperfect parents, peer pressure. Thirteen-year-old DD is trying to make a film about a normal kid’s life – but which kid is normal?

HarperCollins Children’s Books India brings to you a book in the hugely popular illustrated journal format. If you love Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates, Uncool will be right up your alley!


But this is a journal with a difference – DD is capturing her life on camera.


Uncool COver

So, I’m DD and I’m going to be famous because I’m making a film on (hold the phone still, will ya?) high-school life. All the secrets, fights, crazy exam pressure, brainiacs and show-offs (not you, not you!). Only, everyone wants to be the star (hey you, get out of the frame!). It’s got drama and hysterics, historics, sorry, histrionics. And my mom’s got Mr Horns. And I still haven’t got a boyfriend or a dog.

And then, the lurker appears. And it all gets super scary. And he’s coming closer. So I’ve gotta run. Fast. Bye!


See ya inside!


Jane De Suza is a leading humour writer and columnist. Her books, which have a habit of hitting bestseller charts, include the SuperZero series for kids, Happily Never After and The Spy Who Lost Her Head. She is a management grad, storyteller, advertising creative director and now lives between India and Singapore, which is definitely uncool (being 1-degree North of the Equator).


Tasneem Amiruddin is an illustrator from Mumbai, who is inspired by gorgeous pink sunsets, mischievous children, magic, dark nights and bright stars and other such whimsies. She usually enjoys bright colours and fairytales, besides excessively snacking on chocolate.

Additional information:

 P-ISBN: 9789352777471

Print price: 250

Page Extent: 140

Imprint: HarperCollins Children’s Books

 For more information, write/call Aman Arora:

Aman.arora@harpercollins-india.com | (M) 97180 58893



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