Smart:The Digital Century by Frederic Martel and translated by Sindhuja Veeraragavan

Smart cover 

HarperCollins India is delighted to announce the publication of Smart: The Digital Century by Frederic Martel and translated by Sindhuja Veeraragavan.

The book covers the whole battle for the Internet and its future.New

Delhi, 6th July 2018:

Smart: The Digital Century is a fascinating survey of the Internet and how it has evolved differently in different countries under different circumstances – political, social and cultural. A work of reportage of breathtaking scale, it is based on hundreds of interviews the author conducted in more than fifty countries.

About the book:

Digitization is accelerating globalization tenfold. Social networks have gone mobile: telephone, television and towns have gone ‘smart’. How did China manage to create clones of Google, Facebook and YouTube, and build its own censored version of the Internet? How do Arab countries use social networks for their revolutions? Why is there no minister for communications in the US, and why does no one regulate the Internet there? From Silicon Valley to Tokyo, from South Africa to southern India, and all the way to Cuba and Gaza, this unprecedented investigation in the field covers the whole battle of the Internet and its future.

Drawing on hundreds of interviews in about fifty countries, Frederic Martel examines the different ‘Internets’ on five continents. In so doing, he reveals that we are moving not only into a connected, globalized world, but also a territorialized one. Smart shows that the Internet has never been truly global, and that it will become increasingly local.


Frederic Martel is a French researcher and a journalist specializing in the United States and Europe. He has a PhD in social science and is the anchor for ‘Soft Power’, the most famous radio programme on media and entertainment on French National Public Radio. He is the author of nine books, including On Culture in America (2006) and the international best-seller Mainstream: The Global War on Culture and Media (2010). Smart has been translated into nine languages.


Sindhuja Veeraragavan holds an MPhil in Translation Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Currently, she is a Commonwealth Scholar at University of Stirling, United Kingdom.


Publisher: HarperCollins India

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