A Pitch for Love by Kartik Kompella

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presents a wicked and witty romance

A Pitch for Love

by Kartik Kompella

A Pitch for Love_Front

The boss from hell meets the not-so-ideal 

employee in the heady world of advertising.


A wickedly delicious cocktail of sex, romance and ambition

When young, unemployed Drona gets knocked off his bike by advertising goddess Prachi, and then promptly asks her for a job, neither of them expects Prachi to actually agree.

But she does. And, just like that, Drona is thrown headfirst into the breathless world of temperamental creative directors, cunning clients and bitter rivalries. And while no one can say that Drona’s way of coping isn’t creative, it both impressing and infuriating the highly disciplined Prachi. The fact that she finds him immensely attractive? That’s beside the point, of course!

Though working together is anything but easy, Prachi soon realizes that she might have found a staunch ally in Drona. But can she trust him when the chips are down?

Set in the world of advertising, the book is a fresh take on an unconventional romance that bridges the generation gap. A relatable love story for everyone who is accustomed to putting their careers first.


Kartik(eya) Kompella is a non-fiction author and editor with five books to his name and a sixth underway. Kartik is the Founder of Purposeful Brands, a brand consultancy based in Bangalore. He has worked for over fifteen years in advertising agencies.

For interviews, reviews and excerpts, please call or email

+91 8826946430 Percy.bharucha@harpercollins-india.com 

PB | Fiction | 280 pp | Rs 299  

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