The Island of the Day Before by Zuni Chopra

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The Island of the Day Before


Zuni Chopra

  Island final cover

A diverse collection that traverses the everyday and the extraordinary, the fantastical and the mundane 

A little matchstick girl seeks a companion…

An otter lies in wait for fish in the sea and wonders about humans and their way of life…

A merchant and a gnome set out on an extraordinary adventure to deal with an impending war…

An island wakes up to a hovering storm and an untold danger…

With The Island of the Day Before, teenage writing sensation Zuni Chopra experiments with subjects and form. This is a work of exceptional imagination from a young, prodigious talent – a rising star in the literary firmament. The book will be available by 25 August 2018.


Zuni Chopra is a fresh, young voice who writes powerful prose. Her first novel The House That Spoke was published in January 2017. She has contributed articles to Vogue India and Hindustan Times. Zuni has a passion for writing, especially fantasy and poetry, and her favourite authors include Neil Gaiman and Lewis Carroll. Her main source of encouragement and inspiration remains her six dogs.

For interviews, reviews and excerpts, please call or email:

+91 8826946430

PB | Fiction | 224 pp | Rs 299

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