Delhi police’s search for missing girl reaches 3rd day

City Correspondent
May 2, 2016

The Delhi Police has said that it is still investigating the disappearance of Sakshi Prakash, 10, who went missing on Friday evening. According to her parents, Ms Prakash was on her way back from tuition classes when she disappeared.

The Police released the following statement: “We are looking into Ms Prakash’s whereabouts and are confident that we will uncover something tangible soon.”

However, Ms Prakash’s father, Anand Dev Prakash, a professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University, has accused the Delhi Police of not addressing the matter with utmost urgency. He spoke to us at his home in Mayur Vihar:

“(The Police) never seemed serious to begin with. First, they refused to file a report and they told me that my daughter was probably at a friend’s place and had forgotten to inform us, even though she had called me from her tuition teacher’s phone and told me that she was headed home directly from her class. Then, when they finally did file a report, they tried to imply that my daughter had run away from home. Now, they are telling the media that they are confident of finding her when in fact they refuse to talk to us or share any updates.

I don’t understand why the Police isn’t taking us seriously. Sakshi is diabetic and she needs regular insulin shots. I’m scared for her life but we aren’t getting any help!”

Learn the #ColdTruth here:

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