Author’s note on a photograph received on email

The photograph proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sakshi’s disappearance is connected to that of the other children.

In the photograph (that I will not reproduce here for obvious reasons), she stands amidst seven children, the same children who were found dead at the terrorist organisation’s hideout. Like the other children in the photo, she’s naked and all of them stand slumped against a wall in a row, their eyes drooping and some of them (but not Sakshi) are drooling from the corners of their mouths.

They were clearly drugged and I feel my stomach harden from rage at their state.

After more than a month of starting this, here is the first solid piece of evidence that reveals where Sakshi was taken after she disappeared. I let the realisation wash over me.

Abhay and I, we are on the right track.

Learn the #ColdTruth here:

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