[Transcript of an interview with a Delhi Police inspector]

Me: Thank you for your time. As always, our conversation will be off-the-record. Can we start?

 The Inspector: Yes, ask away.

 Me: First up, would you agree with the statement that your department issued? Is the police really close to finding the girl?

 The Inspector: No, that’s bullshit. The newspapers figured that out pretty quickly, didn’t they? We don’t have a clue where she is, and I’m not at all certain that we’re even looking.

Me: What do you mean? The police would be looking for a missing girl, no?

I don’t know but it’s almost like this case is a pile of cow dung in the middle of the road that everyone’s trying to avoid. The Commissioner made that pretty certain.

Me: Help me understand.

 The Inspector: I’ve been told that he has a “special interest” in the case and wants to look into it himself. All others in the department have been shooed away.

 Me: So, when the Commissioner issued the statement, he was…

The Inspector: Lying, at least that’s what I think. I don’t think there are any investigations under way.

Me: And would you like to hazard a guess as to why?

The Inspector: I don’t need to guess, I know exactly why. Did you read the piece today about the kids who’ve gone missing from the slums? Well, that reporter should be given a big promotion because that’s completely accurate and we aren’t doing a damn thing about it.

Me: There are more missing children that the police aren’t trying to find?

 The Inspector: (Nods) The past few months at least six families, mostly Bangladeshi or Nepali migrants, have come to my police station begging us to do something. I’ve personally filed three of these reports, forwarded it to HQ but then it’s just been silence. One of those poor bastards even caught a hold of me outside the station and bawled until I thought he would faint. “My wife can’t live without our daughter!” He sobbed, “She’s threatening to kill herself!” What else could I do but stand there and let him cry?

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