[Phone call with an anonymous source known only as Daedalus.]

Me: I’m working on a new book, it’s about the disappearance of a number of children in Delhi. I was wondering if you could help me research it.

Daedalus: Help you, how?

Me: I need someone to be my, as they put it in the military, ‘boots on the ground’. I’m even willing to consider a co-author title.

 Daedalus: And?

Me: Do you know someone who fits the bill? Someone you could introduce me to?

 Daedalus: (Laughs) You know how risky that would be for me? There’s a reason for our convoluted method of getting in touch, you know?

Me: There’s a little girl who might still be alive…

 Daedalus: Oh, but there’s always some little girl in need of rescuing. Why would I want to jeopardize my career for them?

Learn the #ColdTruth here: http://bit.ly/ColdTruthFKT

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