The first of its kind graphic novel on brand management

Five rookie marketers. One tough boss. Add a badass veep. Welcome to the big ugly world of Golden Globe Consumer Products, an FMCG company. In a bid to regain losing market share, they must launch a better shampoo and a cool marketing campaign quickly. Will they be able to survive early missteps and naivety and succeed in Building the Perfect Beast?

Meet the Marketers


Created and produced by Neil George and published by Harper Collins India, the 150+-page book with more than 400 anime based illustrations captures the triumphs and the challenges of interns in the marketing and communications industry. The book is designed for readers, both young professionals as well as seasoned veterans, to celebrate the exciting life in the fast paced FMCG industry.

The plot centers around 10 typical protagonists from the world of brand marketing in a London based headquarters of a global Consumer Goods’ firm. This eclectic mix consists of five new marketing interns, one tough boss, a superhero-like VP as well as background characters in the form of friends and colleagues. As the title suggests, the heroes need to solve the time-old challenge of building the perfect brand strategy. Based on George’s years of providing career advice to his peers, the comic book also draws on real-life events that transpired during his 20+ year tenure in marketing consumer goods across the world. The plot is intriguing, fast paced and keeps you wanting to complete the book in one sitting.

“The next sixty minutes may raise interesting questions about your own careers – gazing back or looking forward,” says George. “I hope that Building the Perfect Beast forces you to ask yourself: Have I been polluted by the power, fame and the money? Have I enjoyed the ride in the corporate chariot so far? Do I still see the same ME that joined the firm many years ago? Have I become more kind, gentle and temperate? Or have I become the Perfect Beast?”

neil and characters
Neil with the marketers

About the author: Neil George has worked in the FMCG sector for more than two decades. Previously he has worked with Procter and Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser and Private Equity. He has previously worked in many markets across the world including Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

For more information on the book, please contact Aman Arora at

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