Six Desi Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

In an ideal situation, a first date should be over a cup of coffee, the second date should involve a meal (lunch or dinner) and the third date should be an ‘activity date’ because it is important to see how you two interact
together in non-eating/drinking situations.

It is likely that many of you don’t have personal spaces, in which case, it is good to put some energy into planning your dates. While meals and coffee dates are easy to organize (do some online research to decide on restaurants that are convenient to get to, have good ratings and reviews and that are within your budget), activity dates can be harder to plan. Ira Trivedi and Sachin Bhatia give a few ideas for some activity dates that are not only fun, but will also help you get to know the other person better.

Go for a walk to a scenic location, be it a park, a lake, or near a heritage site. Having heart-to-heart conversations while taking a stroll amidst nature is one of the most blissful experiences.

It can be fun to choose an activity that neither of you have done before. It may be bowling, going to a fair, concert, or a literature festival.

Go window shopping or even better, take a food tour. It really tells you what each of you are into, the styles you like, food tastes for that next big dinner date. It’s a great inexpensive way to spend time together.

Rediscover your city. It’s fun to be a tourist in your own city and explore its historical and cultural side.

Do things that you haven’t done ever since you grew up – go to the zoo, go boating, go to your favourite ice-cream place. This can be more fun than you think.

Go on a long drive. You may not have a car, or a two-wheeler, but you can go on a long drive on a comfortable bus, or even just cruise around in an Ola/Uber. Auto-rikshaws, too, can be fun sometimes.

Go get a copy of The Desi Guide to Dating and find more such tips and tricks for navigating the dating scene in India!

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