The story of India’s leading business family THE TATAS by GIRISH KUBER (TRANSLATED BY VIKRANT PANDE)

HarperCollins India is proud to announce

the story of India’s leading business family




A riveting account of what it took to build the
110-billion-dollar empire as it stands today


The Tatas_CoverAbout the book

The nineteenth century was an exciting time of initiative and enterprise around the world. If John D. Rockefeller was creating unimagined wealth in the United States that he would put to the service of the nation, a Parsi family with humble roots was doing the same in India.

In 1822, a boy was born in a priestly household in Gujarat’s Navsari. Young Nusserwanji knew early on that his destiny lay beyond his village and decided to head for Bombay to start a business. He had neither higher education nor knowledge of trade matters, just a burning passion to carve his own path.

The Tatas is their story. But it is more than just a history of the industrial house; it is an inspiring account of India in the making. It chronicles how each generation of the family invested not only in the expansion of its own business interests but also in nation building. Few know, for instance, that the first hydel power project in the world was conceived of and built by the Tatas. The Indian Institute of Science, the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, as also the national carrier Air India—the family has a long, rich and unrivalled legacy.

A tribute to a line of visionaries who have a special place in the hearts of ordinary Indians, this is the only book that tells the complete Tata story spanning almost two hundred years.

GIRISH KUBER is the Editor of Loksatta and writes frequently in the Indian Express. He is also the author of six books in Marathi.

VIKRANT PANDE is President of Northern Arc Foundation, Capital. He has translated several books from Marathi to English.

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HB | Non-fiction | 276 pp | Rs 699


 ‘Capturing the contribution of each leader of the Tata group is a tough task. Girish has done this job remarkably well, with his fluency in writing, warmth in language, and passion and love for the house of Tatas.’
Y.M. Deosthali, former Chairman, L&T Finance Holding


‘Shows the human side and the large-heartedness of the Tatas. Many will find this book motivating.’ Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra


‘Girish Kuber’s book on the Tatas has made publishing history in Marathi. This English edition will take the story to the whole world.’ Prithviraj Chavan, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra


‘Not only chronicles the expansion of the Tata group but also the story of India’s industrial and economic transformation. A must-read for every Indian.’ Sharad Pawar, President, Nationalist Congress Party


‘This is one of the few books that offer the complete and up-to-date Tata story. Girish Kuber’s easy-flowing writing style makes it extremely interesting.’ Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister


‘Reveals the enigma behind the Tata group … an inspiration to all the entrepreneurs of our country.’ Raj Thackeray, President, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena


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