HarperCollins India presents India Misinformed: The True Story by Pratik Sinha, Dr Sumaiya Shaikh and Arjun Sidharth

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HarperCollins India is proud to present

India’s first book on the menace of misinformation and how to avoid it.

India Misinformed

The True Story


Pratik Sinha, Dr Sumaiya Shaikh and Arjun Sidharth

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The propaganda of misinformation and hoaxes disseminated through print, graphics, and social media has altered the social landscape of this nation. It has led to multiple cases of lynching, mob violence, defamation and riots, and continues to pose a serious threat to Indian democracy.

India Misinformed: The True Story, written by the team of Alt News, a fact-checking website that debunks fake information – and edited by Pratik Sinha, Dr Sumaiya Shaikh and Arjun Sidharth – identifies the purveyors of fabricated news, exposes the propaganda machinery and familiarizes readers with techniques to detect these menacing stories.

Was Jawaharlal Nehru anti-Hindu? Was Narendra Modi declared one of the most corrupt prime ministers in the world? Is Sonia Gandhi the fourth richest woman in the world? Did Rahul Gandhi register as a non-Hindu at the Somnath Temple? Do treatments promoted by the Ministry of AYUSH have robust scientific evidence for efficacy? With photographs to establish its claims, India Misinformed: The True Story presents the real picture.

About the editors: Pratik Sinha is the co-founder of Alt News, where Dr Sumaiya Shaikh, a neuroscientist, is the science editor. Arjun Sidharth is a writer with Alt News. He has previously worked in the television news industry.

Praise for India Misinformed

“Here facts strike back in the era of fake news. This book doesn’t just expose lies, it exposes the pattern of lies. In surveillance-speak it gives us the meta-data of the propaganda regime so that we may know what is being done to us and by whom. Everyone ought to read it.”

– Arundhati Roy

“No one in India is doing anything that even remotely approaches the splendid work that Pratik Sinha and his tiny team at Alt News are doing to nail the menace of falsehood. Their research is as fearless and fair as it is meticulous. Here is a book that is a must for every citizen—to understand the scale of this menace, to realize the evil it portends, to see, and thereby to insulate themselves against those who are the propagators of falsehood.”

– Arun Shourie

“There is undoubtedly greater awareness now about fake news, but where did this all begin? Through the efforts of individuals like Pratik Sinha. He has given this fight an organizational form … Please read this book, so that you realize what has been done to you, and what may happen further.”

– Ravish Kumar


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PB | Non Fiction | 304 pp | Rs 399


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