Announcing ‘Shehla Masood: The Murder that Shook the Nation’, a story replete with ambition, obsession and political intrigue

6-01.pngHarperCollins India brings you

a gripping account of RTI activist Shehla Masood’s murder


by Hemender Sharma

On 16 August 2011, RTI activist and environmentalist Shehla Masood was shot dead by contract killers in Bhopal. Shehla was the Madhya Pradesh convener of the ‘India against Corruption’ campaign launched by Anna Hazare, and had been trying to expose the unholy nexus between self-serving bureaucrats and politicians.

Shehla masood COver

The cover-up and attempts to tarnish her image started soon after: the local police tried to label her death a suicide, while the state chief minister ordered a CBI probe within forty-eight hours. In the end, how the crime was solved is a fascinating story worth recounting.

Shehla’s is the tale of a woman from a conventional family who stepped out into the world to make it on her own. Hers is a story replete with ambition, obsession and political intrigue. In this riveting account of the case, Hemender Sharma, a journalist and dear friend of Shehla’s, peels away the layers to understand her life, the murder, its progress and its resolution.


Hemender Sharma is a journalist with over twenty years of experience in print and broadcast media. Currently, he heads India Today’s Madhya Pradesh bureau.

Release: April 2019

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