HarperCollins India presents The Billionaire’s Funeral by Elijah Brahms

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is proud to present


Elijah Brahms


A bold, new voice enters the dark world of crime fiction

A fiction debut that cuts real close to the underbelly of big finance

Billionaire investor Chad Cohen is at a London restaurant when all his credit cards are declined. Before he can make sense of any of it, he receives a disturbing message on his phone. And now he’s being accused of travelling on a stolen passport and put in jail.

Who’s out to get him?

His reputation in shreds, the company he so painstakingly built comes under threat. The stocks plummet and the board of directors decides to fire Chad. Frantic, he calls the one person he can trust the most – his friend and business partner Michael Cole.

The two try to figure out just how much of Chad’s life has been digitally erased by a hacker. Hitting one dead end after another, Chad begins to doubt Mike’s loyalty. Was this all just a vicious plan to take over everything Chad had built with him? Helpless and locked up in jail, can he count on Mike for his freedom? Has he been served the ultimate betrayal or is this a cosmic intervention to right his past wrongs?

Elijah Brahms is the pseudonym for a former senior executive in a multi-billion dollar organization who has now turned to other pursuits. To know more about Elijah, visit elijahbrahms.com.

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PB | Fiction |   pp 264 | Rs 299

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