Acquisition announcement: Shuttling to the Top: The Story of P.V. Sindhu, written by V. Krishnaswamy

HarperCollins India is proud to announce that it will publish

Shuttling to the Top: The Story of P.V. Sindhu, written by V. Krishnaswamy, that narrates the journey of India’s first and only woman silver medal-winning athlete at the Olympic Games

P.V. Sindhu

I hope my friends and fans, who have always been loyal and loving to me, will stay that way, and through this book, will be able to appreciate the journey my parents and I have undertaken along with the sacrifices that my family has made to help me achieve my dream.’ – P.V. Sindhu

Shuttling to the Top: The Story of P.V. Sindhu tells the magnificent story of one of the finest badminton players in the world. It chronicles her life from the time when, while living in a railway colony in Secunderabad, Sindhu travelled over 40 kilometres every day to get to P. Gopichand’s academy and train. It documents the hardships she faced on the way to be a promising global star and discusses what lies ahead for the young athlete.

‘I have been fortunate to see many of Sindhu’s stellar performances, from Rio to Glasgow to Gold Coast and Jakarta. Seldom has an Indian sportsperson achieved so much, including four World Championship medals besides those at Olympics, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games, in so short a time. With age on her side, sky is the limit for this talented and yet grounded badminton star,’ says author V. Krishnaswamy, whose previous book, Sachin Tendulkar, A Hundred Hundreds Now, was a runaway success and translated in multiple languages. Krishnaswamy mentions that it has been a pleasure to not only watch Sindhu play, but also interact with her over the past few years. He says, ‘This book is my small tribute to a shining star.’

Sindhu adds, ‘It is not easy to see and appreciate a person’s journey or struggle to get to a certain point in life, more so when it happens to be sport. In sports, there many ups and down and it is a very long journey.’

The young sports icon is the only Indian named in Forbes’ list of the world’s top-10 highest paid female athletes. Ananya Borgohain, Commissioning Editor at HarperCollins, says, ‘This is a timely book as the world awaits Olympics 2020 and because Sindhu is a young, consistent performer, we intend to reach out to readers across age groups with this book. More than just a biography, the book shall intend to inspire, analyse, and understand this powerhouse of talent.’

Krishan Chopra, Publisher at HarperCollins, adds, ‘We are happy to publish the wonderful story of P.V. Sindhu’s journey to the top. It is one of the most inspiring stories of modern sports and it will come at just the right time as she prepares for the Olympics.’

A lot of questions were raised when Sindhu did not win a tournament in the first half of the year. However, her father, P.V. Ramana, says that it has only given her the inspiration to bounce back harder. ‘For us, who form ‘Team Sindhu’, it has been a labour of love and belief. She is young and has already achieved a lot and we are confident that she can go all the way to the top. Her story is one of grit and determination and team work and we hope it will inspire youngsters, not just in India, but all over.’ Ramana is an Asian Games bronze medalist in Volleyball himself. ‘From a very young age, I have always felt that Sindhu could be a fine sportsperson. I played a team sport (volleyball) and was fortunate enough to win a medal at the Asian Games, but we felt that an individual sport might be the right platform for her,’ he reveals.

Tuhin Mishra, who manages the star, and is the managing director and co-founder of Baseline Ventures, agrees and adds, ‘It has been one of our most cherished journeys managing Sindhu’s commercial interests for more than three years now. She has been an absolute joy to work with and has remained the same simple girl next door person who is approachable and relatable, and is obviously a sponsor’s delight. Plus, she has been consistent with her performances over the years.’

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