10 apps for those who love books but cannot let go of their phone

Goodreads Who hasn't heard about Goodreads? Well, we hope you have it on your phone because this app helps you review, recommend and keep a track of the books you're reading, and one day hope to read. Download it and join a community of about 40 million bibliophiles.   2. Juggernaut Juggernaut Books is India’s… Continue reading 10 apps for those who love books but cannot let go of their phone

#Section377: Hinduism Says Homosexuality Is Not a Sin

In every body resides the divine who witnesses, guides,  supports  and  enjoys  all  that  the  body experiences. — Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 13, Verse 22 Even the gods and goddesses in Hindu mythic stories exhibit gender fluidity and queer orientations. During this period, many stories emerged wherein gods transition into goddesses and vice versa. There are gods… Continue reading #Section377: Hinduism Says Homosexuality Is Not a Sin

Book Recommendations from the CEO

Ananth Padmanabhan, CEO HarperCollins Publishers India, went live on Facebook today to answer questions about publishing – trends, finances, ideas, and a lot more. In the 20-minute broadcast, he recommended a few dozen books which we think you should all read. And soon!

6 Excellent Books You Must Read this Pride Month

Add these LGBTQIA-themed books to your summer reading lists to give yourself a more realistic and wholesome view of what it’s like to live as an LGBTQIA person in the world today, and how it has changed since the first conversations around non-binary genders began. Unlike the undignified portrayal LGBTQIA characters generally receive in Bollywood… Continue reading 6 Excellent Books You Must Read this Pride Month

These 8 Books will Help Increase Your Environmental Awareness

Is this unusually hot summer bothering you? Do you miss the spring that almost isn’t a season anymore? What about the flash floods and stretched out droughts, the new strains of disease and destruction that they bring about? Yes? Read on. While a chain of volcanic eruptions overtakes the Pacific, and the floor is literally… Continue reading These 8 Books will Help Increase Your Environmental Awareness

Want to Start a Book Club? Here are 7 Books to Get You Started

“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.” ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars It is a notion widely agreed that happiness comes in… Continue reading Want to Start a Book Club? Here are 7 Books to Get You Started

10 Witty Comebacks to the Question We Love to Hate: Koi Good News?

Congratulations! You’re married! They’ve finally stopped asking you when you’re settling down, who you’re settling down with, why it’s taking you so long, etc. In fact, by now people have even stopped judging how you looked as a bride, and have reached a consensus on how good or bad the food was at the wedding,… Continue reading 10 Witty Comebacks to the Question We Love to Hate: Koi Good News?

The Struggles Children Face

  Jemma Wayne Kattan Bedtime is when it happens. When the stories have been read and the lights are dim and my daughter and I are cuddling under covers. Then, finally, the worries that all day have been tucked tightly into the recesses of her mind begin to weave their way to the surface and… Continue reading The Struggles Children Face

7 Editors Recommend 7 Amazing Books

Because you know you can trust an editor's book recommendations! Go get your next read, and do let us know if you enjoyed reading it in the comments below.              

An Introvert’s Guide to ‘Celebrating’ New Year’s Eve

No change in the calendar calls for more fanfare than the transition from 31 December to 01 January. It's all well and good but the overwhelming pressure to 'CELEBRATE' can make it an introvert's nightmare.   Here's presenting 5 ways you can enjoy this night without faking it. READ A BOOK, DUH! Seriously, get a… Continue reading An Introvert’s Guide to ‘Celebrating’ New Year’s Eve