Test your punctuation!

A punctuation less excerpt from Kamas Last Sutra by Trisha Das I met Kala Devi two months ago She came up behind me while I was studying some carvings in the Kandariya temple We started talking and she told me some really interesting things about the temple and its history I figured she must be… Continue reading Test your punctuation!

#CriminallyGood: Scarlet Night, The Final Chapter

*drumroll please* Thrilled to announce that we have a winner! Trisha Bora started the series, Tanushree Podder took forward an exciting premise, Amitabh Pandey brought on the twists, Vish Dhamija steered matters beautifully to the penultimate chapter, and Kalpana M. Muttireddi, the winner, has brought the story to a satisfactory, convincing conclusion. Thank you, Kalpana and… Continue reading #CriminallyGood: Scarlet Night, The Final Chapter

The Silliest Autobiography in the World – Winning Story

Like Dickens, I was born, except without a caul. Whether or not I am the heroine of my own story is for you to decide. In 2012, I moved from Magnolia, Texas to Mumbai, India; that's when the silliness started. My days were filled with futile attempts to hear the difference between d se darawaja… Continue reading The Silliest Autobiography in the World – Winning Story