HarperCollins India presents Because He Is by Meghna Gulzar

HarperCollins Publishers India are pleased to announce the publication of Because he is by Meghna Gulzar ‘Papi says it is wrong of parents to presume that they know better, or know more than their child does. They may be biologically older than their child, but in their experience as parents, they’re of the same age. So,… Continue reading HarperCollins India presents Because He Is by Meghna Gulzar

Women Writing Women: Book Recommendations from Our Editors

On 20 June 2018, our editors Arcopol Chaudhuri, Sohini Basak and Swati Daftuar did a LIVE on the topic 'Women Writing Women'. If you're someone looking to diversify your reading list, here are all the books they recommended.

These 8 Books will Help Increase Your Environmental Awareness

Is this unusually hot summer bothering you? Do you miss the spring that almost isn’t a season anymore? What about the flash floods and stretched out droughts, the new strains of disease and destruction that they bring about? Yes? Read on. While a chain of volcanic eruptions overtakes the Pacific, and the floor is literally… Continue reading These 8 Books will Help Increase Your Environmental Awareness

7 Editors Recommend 7 Amazing Books

Because you know you can trust an editor's book recommendations! Go get your next read, and do let us know if you enjoyed reading it in the comments below.