Sorry, You Can’t Fight Fat by Dieting

Body nirvana is a state where your waist size does not define your worth. Believe it or not, but shame, anger, helplessness, loneliness or traumas can act as tiny brakes and make weight loss difficult. In her new book The Body Nirvana: More Than Just A Weight Loss Book, author and psychologist Garima Gupta urges readers to remember… Continue reading Sorry, You Can’t Fight Fat by Dieting

Preview: Our Best Indian New Releases This Month

Orientalism Two: A Study of British Rule over India from A Saidian Perspective Edward Said's Orientalism (1978) is a seminal work in the field of postcolonial culture studies. It critiqued Western scholarship about the Eastern world for its patronizing attitude and tendency to view it as exotic, backward and uncivilized. Arvind Sharma, longstanding professor of… Continue reading Preview: Our Best Indian New Releases This Month