[Phone call with an anonymous source known only as Daedalus.]

Me: I'm working on a new book, it's about the disappearance of a number of children in Delhi. I was wondering if you could help me research it. Daedalus: Help you, how? Me: I need someone to be my, as they put it in the military, 'boots on the ground'. I'm even willing to consider… Continue reading [Phone call with an anonymous source known only as Daedalus.]

[Transcript of an interview with a Delhi Police inspector]

Me: Thank you for your time. As always, our conversation will be off-the-record. Can we start?  The Inspector: Yes, ask away.  Me: First up, would you agree with the statement that your department issued? Is the police really close to finding the girl?  The Inspector: No, that's bullshit. The newspapers figured that out pretty quickly,… Continue reading [Transcript of an interview with a Delhi Police inspector]


IB REPORT - 26//A//452//83H DND//TS//CL   SURVEILLANCE POST- 35 SUBJECT - MUDRASSIR GANG[1] (MUD)   TO: XXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX   <CONFIRMED> Weapons shipment recd. by MUD from TR[2] vessel via EG[3]. Manifest attached. <REDIRECT> MUD.PDF <MUD.PDF> DATA FOLLOWS:   H&K MP5[4]  - 26 nos. SIG SG 550 - 10 nos. CZ 83 - 26 nos.… Continue reading CLASSIFIED

Indian Preview: Our Top New Releases from August

1. Because He Is by Meghna Gulzar Because He Is... explores the journey of Gulzar - poet, film-maker, lyricist and author - in the words of his daughter. Meghna documents the life of her father, transcending the patterns of a conventional biography to present a touching account of the legend's life, career, personal joys and… Continue reading Indian Preview: Our Top New Releases from August