#LoveAtHarper: Love is in the air, and in our books

Earlier today, our editors Swati Daftuar and Prerna Gill did a Facebook LIVE from the HarperCollins page to talk about love -- a love for books, good stories and epic romance reads. You can watch the video here. And if you're in the mood to enjoy a good romantic read, who better to rely on… Continue reading #LoveAtHarper: Love is in the air, and in our books

Preview: Our Top New Releases from January

Every Vote Counts by Navin Chawla Navin Chawla has had a ringside view of Indian elections: as Chief Election Commissioner, he supervised the landmark 2009 general election, and several key state elections as well. Drawing on his wide-ranging experience, Every Vote Counts presents a riveting account of how the daunting task of conducting the largest electoral… Continue reading Preview: Our Top New Releases from January