Indian Preview: Our Top New Releases from August

1. Because He Is by Meghna Gulzar Because He Is... explores the journey of Gulzar - poet, film-maker, lyricist and author - in the words of his daughter. Meghna documents the life of her father, transcending the patterns of a conventional biography to present a touching account of the legend's life, career, personal joys and… Continue reading Indian Preview: Our Top New Releases from August

Why We’re Excited About Gulzar’s Debut Novel, ‘Two’

As is true of all literary genres, the success of the novella depends not on the nature of its structure alone, but far more importantly, on the literary dexterity of the person who writes it. When Gulzar embraces the format, the novella has met a truly consummate partner. As proof, one has only to read Two.

August Preview: Our Top Five Indian Releases

August, the month where we celebrate our freedom, enjoy our independence and almost always revisit our long-standing issues with our neighbour Pakistan. No wonder two of the top five releases this month are based on these themes, while the other three include a witty and deeply insightful memoir, a satirical novel, and the past and… Continue reading August Preview: Our Top Five Indian Releases