#ReadWomen: Nightmarch by Alpa Shah

Two nights into my stay at the guerrilla camp, I realised that Gyanji would be walking from Bihar, with a platoon, back to Lalgaon in Jharkhand where I had come from and where I had lived for the previous year and a half. There, in the surrounding forests, a similar State-level Committee meeting for that… Continue reading #ReadWomen: Nightmarch by Alpa Shah

#WomenWhoWrite: An excerpt from Inferior by Angela Saini

‘It seemed clear to me that the history of the life on the earth presents an unbroken chain of evidence going to prove the importance of the female.’ Unconventional ideas can appear from anywhere, even the most conventional of places. The township of Concord in Michigan is one of those places. Home to scarcely more… Continue reading #WomenWhoWrite: An excerpt from Inferior by Angela Saini