#FirstLook | The Belated Bachelor Party by Ravinder Singh

Chapter 2 ‘Sounds exciting, but I have a project delivery scheduled during that time,’ a voice said. ‘Great idea! However, I got back from a family vacation just last month. Another vacation in six months looks really difficult,’ followed another. The third one pitched in. ‘This would have been so much fun. But yaar, I… Continue reading #FirstLook | The Belated Bachelor Party by Ravinder Singh

Excerpt | Sugandhi Alias Andal Devanayaki

When I arrived at Divine Pearl, a secret Sri Lankan military camp that lay ninety-five kilometres from Colombo, it was quite late in the evening. DP was a prison camp built by the British colonizers to house hardened criminals. Though the façade resembled the palace of a feudal overlord, it was a fully equipped jail… Continue reading Excerpt | Sugandhi Alias Andal Devanayaki