#CriminallyGood: Scarlet Night, The Final Chapter

*drumroll please* Thrilled to announce that we have a winner! Trisha Bora started the series, Tanushree Podder took forward an exciting premise, Amitabh Pandey brought on the twists, Vish Dhamija steered matters beautifully to the penultimate chapter, and Kalpana M. Muttireddi, the winner, has brought the story to a satisfactory, convincing conclusion. Thank you, Kalpana and… Continue reading #CriminallyGood: Scarlet Night, The Final Chapter

#CriminallyGood: Scarlet Night, Chapter Four by Vish Dhamija

Aaand we're almost there! The penultimate chapter of this mini-series. Vish Dhamija, author of Unlawful Justice, takes the story further. Who’s faking it, darling? Me or you? Mira thinks as she walks out. In her nightmare, she was being hounded by men with knives, and from experience, she knows that it isn’t merely a dream.… Continue reading #CriminallyGood: Scarlet Night, Chapter Four by Vish Dhamija

#CriminallyGood: Scarlet Night, Chapter Three by Amitabh Pandey

After a cliffhanger second chapter by Tanushree Podder, Scarlet Night is back with a new instalment from the writer of crime novels Himalayan White and Himalayan Hazard, Amitabh Pandey. Just one more chapter to go after this, before we throw it open to readers to write the final chapter of this mini-series. Here we go:… Continue reading #CriminallyGood: Scarlet Night, Chapter Three by Amitabh Pandey

#CriminallyGood: Scarlet Night, Chapter Two by Tanushree Podder

We're back with Scarlet Night, part of our month-long celebration of crime fiction. Hope you enjoyed reading the first chapter by Trisha Bora which we shared exclusively on Harper Broadcast last week. Today, we bring you the next instalment of the series, the second chapter by Tanushree Podder. Here we go: I hate these tasks.  A… Continue reading #CriminallyGood: Scarlet Night, Chapter Two by Tanushree Podder

#CriminallyGood: Scarlet Night, Chapter One by Trisha Bora

September is Crime Month at HarperCollins India this year and we've brought together four talented writers to write Scarlet Night, a brand new serialized crime fiction drama. Our writers will set the plot, one chapter at a time, for you, the reader, to give the crime its destined end. Change everything or nothing, it's up to… Continue reading #CriminallyGood: Scarlet Night, Chapter One by Trisha Bora