Short Story: ‘The Transistor’ by Shahnaz Bashir

An exclusive excerpt from Shahnaz Bashir's Scattered Souls, published by HarperCollins. Set in Kashmir, it's a story of a man whose transistor triggers paranoia in his neighbourhood. The Transistor Ignorance and impetuosity are inseparable twins as are rumours and misunderstandings—all fused at their heads. With each bullet pumped into him, all his great memories of loyalty to the… Continue reading Short Story: ‘The Transistor’ by Shahnaz Bashir

Short Story: Farewell, Mahatma

From the gentle screech of its hinges, Gandhi knew that someone was pushing open the door to his room. Then he heard the shuffling of feet moving closer with each careful step. The Mahatma closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. It had to be Dhaniklal – an old man who was by far… Continue reading Short Story: Farewell, Mahatma